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There’s a new way to stay in a city: live like a local.

 We provide fully furnished, high-end, affordable homes ranging from one bedroom to as large as four bedrooms.  You can rely on us to find you a perfect place to call home during your stay in Mulege (Moo-lay-HEY). Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable living experience.


Welcome to Mulege Properties,


We are a full service Real Estate Sales Company. We offer service in property investment and sale’s, long term and vacation rentals, and property management. Our Broker, Robin Frizzelle, has a background as having been a licensed Real Estate sales representative for 10 years in Lake Tahoe with world leader Coldwell Banker has worked in our favor as far as customer service, ethics, and disclosure.


Robin’s wife, Margarita also had a full service property maintenance and management company”Lakeview Janitorial Service”. We would clean your house, prepare it for guest’s, and clean and inspect it after your guest’s checked out. Any maintenance or repairs were handled by our staff.


Our knowledge of the Real Estate purchase process in Mexico is a valuable asset in helping you make an informed investment in this wonderful country. We will assist you in finding the right property for you, help you through the purchase process, and ensure you hold legal title to your property.


We are often asked the most important question for a person buying property in a foreign country “Can we own property in Mexico?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!”



This is the most common form of foreign ownership of property in Mexico. It is primarily set up for primary property ownership. The property owner, with the assistance of a Notaria Publica, establishes a Fideicomiso or Bank Trust. The property is held by the Mexican bank of choice in a Trust. There’s an annual maintenance fee which varies from bank to bank but typically will range from 4 to 6,000 pesos per year. This process will take up to 6 weeks to complete. The cost varies, but we will help you find the best people to take you through the process. At the end of the day, it’s your property. You own it.



We are pleased to tell you that five years ago we expanded our business into what has become a very popular breakfast, lunch, and American style bakery/internet café. Come in and try Mago’s fruit pies, delicious array of cinnamon rolls, most cakes, date cookies, homemade ice cream to name a few of her bakery creations along with a great cup of coffee, latte, or cappuccino.


Her breakfast menu has a range of items from a vegetarian , chili cheese, or ham and cheese omelet’s with toasted jalepeno cheese bread and fresh fruit cup , pancakes or Waffles, fresh squeezed orange juice from our trees and much much more.


The lunch menu offers homemade vegetarian or chicken lasagna with handmade pasta, tomato sauce made from scratch, and local cheeses. Her chicken enchilada with red or green salsa topped by a garden salad grown in our organic garden, chicken vegetable soup, a garden salad topped with shredded chicken , toasted jalepeno cheese bread, cold beer or strong drink & IT’S ALMOST FREE!

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